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...a growing collection of distinguished & notable
Kansas poets, their bios and samples of their poetry.

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Additional Poets are added as they become available.

                                            *Most Recent Addition

  1. Asner, Marie

  2. Contoski, Victor

  3. Dickey, Paul

  4. Elliott, Harley

  5. Fick, Marlon

  6. Fleury, Amy

  7. German, Greg

  8. Haehl, Anne

  9. Heaton, Kevin

  10. Herrmann, Duane

  11. Hickok, Bill

  12. Hind, Steven

  13. Holden, Jonathan

  14. Jadlow, Sally

  15. Jenkinson, John

  16. Johnson, Kathleen

  17. Kamberg, Mary-Lane

  18. Karnowski, William J.

  19. Kay, Kiesa

  20. Lawson, Robert

  21. Low, Denise

  22. McDougall, Jo

  23. McHenry, Eric

  24. McManes, R.D.

  25. Meats, Stephen

  26. Miller, Philip

  27. *Miller, Ronda

  28. Mirriam-Goldberg, Caryn

  29. Mulkey, Rick

  30. Ortolani, Al

  31. Patterson, Naomi

  32. Pavey, Shawn

  33. Penberthy, Bryan

  34. Rabas, Kevin

  35. Reynolds,Thomas

  36. Roitman, Judith

  37. Scheel, Mark

  38. Sheldon, William

  39. Skoog, Ed

  40. Spees, Daniel

  41. Tigchelaar, Jeff

  42. Tolson, Bonnie

  43. Townley, Roderick

  44. Townley, Wyatt

  45. Traxler, Patricia

  46. Vando, Gloria

  47. Walker, Lois Virginia

  48. Washburn, Laura

  49. Wilson, Jeanie

  50. Wilson, Thomas

  51. Yenser, Pamela

  52. Yenser, Stephen

  53. Yoho, Max

See the Ad Astra section of this site
for more notable Kansas Poets!


If you know of a distinguished Kansas poet who is not yet included in this section of KansasPoets.com, thank you for letting them know about this site and opportunity!



This section of kansaspoets.com is not a literary journal, nor is it a contest, it is for archival purposes only! 

The intent of this collection is to recognize distinguished KANSAS poets who currently live or previously resided in the state.  All contributors whose poems appear on the website retain the rights to their work.

All solicited and/or submitted poetry and associated material will be "blindly" reviewed by a panel of four distinguished poets. Their unanimous decision as to the merit of the writing is the deciding factor for posting to this archival collection.

Never before published and previously published poems appear on these page.  If previously published, poems include credits when made available.

Suggestions for the growing poets list are welcome.

Poetry from contributing writers and their biographies will appear on these pages as they are submitted. Please know that it might take 1-6 weeks before acquired material is posted to the site once approved.

Photos Contributed by Carol Yoho

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*The Kansas Poets section of this site recognizes distinguished  "Kansas poets" that currently live or previously resided in the state.  If possible, when inquiring about inclusion and providing material for this section, please provide at least one poem that  in some way reflects Kansas.

Criteria for inclusion in this section includes one (1) of the following:

 Author of a published book of poetry awarded by a notable press

Author of a published chapbook of poetry awarded
              by a notable press or journal

Poetry published in minimum of 20 different recognized periodicals

  Author of a self-published book of poetry appropriately recognized
    for its literary sophistication and merit or award

         Inquire about Submitting

Notice: In an effort to maintain the credibility of this section's representation of "distinguished" Kansas poets, the final decision
of having one's poetry appearing rests on the input and unanimous decision of four esteemed, award winning Kansas poets.
Self-publishing does NOT automatically provide grounds for or guarantee inclusion!